Tea of the Month Club Subscription Box

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Tea of the Month Club

There’s nothing better after a long day than flopping down in your favourite chair with a cup of tea next to you. Taking a moment just to regroup your thoughts or even better, not think of anything at all – just relaxing your mind and body as you take a soothing sip of tea.

This monthly subscription box has been created with your self-care in mind. It’s designed to make it easy for you to block out 5-10 minutes (at least), to replenish your spirit, emotional and physical wellbeing and take a much needed moment just for you.

Receive a full sized tin of a herbal tea blend, try a new flavour each month plus some brand new flavours before they are added to the Tea Shop, in an ongoing monthly subscription box, so you won’t have to remember to add to your shopping list each month. It’s all automatically done for you!

All tea blends are caffeine free, with no added flavourings – just pure organic herbs only.

The subscription will renew every month from the date you sign up. If you sign up before the 8th of the month then you will receive that months box, after this date you will receive the following months box. All boxes are posted by the 15th of each month.

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  ">Tea of the Month Club</p>
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