Our story

Time For Me Teas was created from a love of herbs during a moment of overwhelm, trying to find a moment just for myself on a particularly challenging day during the school holidays. As I was sipping my tea, remembering just to breathe and be present in my body, it suddenly dawned on me that if this moment helped me – then maybe it would help others too.

So, I started playing with different herbs, creating my favourite blends that had helped me go from overwhelm and wanting to tear my hair out – to feeling more at peace and in control, and now I currently have ten herbal tea blends with lots of ideas for more to be released in 2022.

Each herbal tea blend contains only organic loose leaf herbs. I try to buy herbs as whole as possible because – I admit – I hate the ‘herbal dust’ left behind at the bottom of the cup when taking the last swig before it goes cold! The herbs in the mint family are very delicate though as they break up so easily, I haven’t been able to completely eliminate the ‘herbal dust’ but it is greatly reduced. I don’t pack into tea bags either, these don’t allow the herbs to freely release their flavour and benefits – instead I do recommend using a mug infuser or a teapot and strainer, both of which are available to purchase in my Tea shop

So, if you feel in need of some ‘Me Time’, pull up a chair, choose your blend and while the kettle boils let your mind wander away from all the important ‘must do’ tasks you have on today’s list, and allow yourself to breathe deeply, be present so you feel the breath enter and leave your body and let the magic of brewing your own herbal therapy uplift and recharge your energy – so you can return to your day feeling refreshed and calm.