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Breathe – Be Present – Recharge

Scrumptious loose leaf organic herbal teas – perfect to sip on when you take a moment for yourself to breathe, be present and recharge your energy. 

No flavourings are added, only 100% natural herbs are used and all the teas are hand blended in Cornwall by our herbalist Kate.  We try to keep the herbs as whole as possible in the tea blends, to greatly reduce the ‘herbal dust’ that is so often found in herbal tea bags. 

We don’t offer a tea bag option because we know that herbs release their flavour easily when allowed to infuse freely when not restricted by a teabag, plus you can always get at least two infusions from one spoonful of loose leaf herbal tea blend when added straight to the pot or mug infuser.  Plus – it’s better for the environment when no bags are used as the herbs can be added straight to the compost and biodegrade much faster.

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