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Fill Your Cup First?

We are so good at putting everyone else’s needs first, that we often forget about our own self-care routine.
We think ‘Oh, as long as everyone else is happy – I’m happy’. But what happens if by not taking care of our own wellbeing, we end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and, (dare I say it?) – even resentful?

You know when in an aeroplane and the flight attendant is giving the health & safety talk about the oxygen masks? Where you’re requested to use your mask first before giving it to your child, or person next to you if they have trouble with their own? This is because, you’re not going to be able to help someone else if you can’t breathe yourself.

So why don’t we think the same way when it comes to our own health and wellbeing?

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.
Take care of yourself first.”
— Norm Kelly

Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 
― Eleanor Brownn

It’s time to fill your cup first, for your own spirit, health and wellbeing to be replenished.
Self-care is never selfish. It’s giving yourself permission to take time for yourself, to do something just for you – even if that means taking 5-10 minutes to make a soothing yet uplifting cup of herbal tea for yourself, nibble on some delicious luxury chocolate or if you have more time + treat your skin to a detoxifying body scrub, bath bomb or solid lotion bar.

In the monthly Fill Your Cup First Subscription box, we have everything you need to do just that.

Each month the box will contain one full sized tea tin, one ‘me time’ treat & one edible treat.
There is enough tea to last a whole month. Some blends will focus on calming the nervous system, some will help you clear your mind so you can feel refreshed. But every blend will be created with your wellbeing in mind. Plus they’re all caffeine free and contain no added flavourings.
More details can be found here.

New Tea Blends

🎶 ‘Summer breeze! Makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmine in my mind…’ 🎶

This song kept playing in my head when I was creating this blend. It was a cold drizzly day here in Cornwall and I was reminiscing of warm balmy evenings in the garden during the summer – maybe after a BBQ whilst sipping something sweet.

This organic loose leaf herbal tea blend contains sweet jasmine and lime flower plus rose and camomile to give a light floral taste. 

It can be drunk hot or cold – if you’d like it as iced tea, add a tablespoon of the herb blend to a heatproof jug, pour just-boiled water (not boiling, or you’ll scald the herbs, making them taste bitter). Cover the jug – a plate works well – and leave to infuse for about 15-20 mins. Strain the herbs, then place the covered jug in the fridge overnight and add lots of ice cubes the next day. Drink as required throughout the day. 

You can re-infuse the herbs again, with freshly boiled water and leaving to infuse for 30mins plus, then after straining – add this to the first jug to make a larger quantity.

As seen in the photo here, you can also add the tea before you strain, to an ice cube tray and freeze. I love to add these ice cubes to other drinks (alcoholic or not), they make drinks look so pretty and add extra flavour.

You can purchase Summer Breeze in the Tea Shop

Serenitea tea tin
My best selling tea of 2020

Breathe – Be Present – Recharge

Wow! When I decided on the above as the mantra and theme for my teas, I never imagined how poignant those three words would turn out to be just over a year later. 
2020 was such a strange and stressful year, from not being able to leave the house to discovering very quickly there was a reason why I decided not to be a school teacher! Haha! Though kudos to the teachers out there who manage to educate our kids week in week out, I couldn’t get my youngest to engage no matter how I tried to ‘pretty up’ the subjects! So instead we turned to building dens and going for herb walks instead 🙂 I’m proud to say that now both my girls recognise elderflowers and elderberries and when the best time is to harvest them – then literally enjoying the fruits of their labour as we also tucked in to wild blackberries growing locally too.
There was the best harvest in 2020 I’d ever seen here and the berries were so sweet too!
Must have been all the sunshine we got in the first three months here.

No matter where in the world you are, whether your life is a little more normal or you’re back in lockdown again like we are here in the UK, I hope that you are well and taking time for your own self care too.  

On that note, pop the kettle on – it’s time for a cuppa! 💖🫖💖

Scrumptious loose leaf organic herbal teas – perfect to sip on when you take a moment for yourself to breathe, be present and recharge your energy. 

No flavourings are added, only 100% natural herbs are used and all the teas are hand blended in Cornwall by our herbalist Kate.  We try to keep the herbs as whole as possible in the tea blends, to greatly reduce the ‘herbal dust’ that is so often found in herbal tea bags. 

We don’t offer a tea bag option because we know that herbs release their flavour easily when allowed to infuse freely when not restricted by a teabag, plus you can always get at least two infusions from one spoonful of loose leaf herbal tea blend when added straight to the pot or mug infuser.  Plus – it’s better for the environment when no bags are used as the herbs can be added straight to the compost and biodegrade much faster.

Visit our tea shop to purchase our tea tins and accessories, browse our blog to learn more about the herbs we love to use and why, or sign up to our monthly subscription boxes to be the first to sample our new tea blends!