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Hi, I’m Kate, a Cornish Herbalist on the border of Cornwall and Devon (definitely the cornish side – it’s jam first on scones here! 😄). I’ve been a herbalist since 2007 and I also love to forage locally for wild herbs too – usually while I’m walking my dog. I’m a mum of two, my youngest is autistic and so our goal is to try and keep each other as calm as possible. It’s hard enough being a mum without throwing ASD into the parenting mix too! I wanted to create a range of organic loose leaf tea blends that not only help mums take a moment for themselves, but that also taste delicious too, so that they are easy to make and drink (on the go too if necessary) to help us as we navigate our children’s needs without sacrificing our own too. One of my blends ’Amber’s Rose Tea’ was actually created by my autistic child, to help when they felt overwhelmed or in sensory overload – and it really works! It’s also my favourite go to blend when I’m also feeling overwhelmed or have trouble relaxing.

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Amber’s Rose Tea