Spring has sprung!

It’s now the time to dust off the garden chairs and polish the BBQ as here in the UK we can now meet our friends in the garden for mini tea parties!
In celebration of that I have launched my new tea blend ‘Garden Party’, available to purchase in my Teashop from Saturday 10th April in a recyclable tin or mini tea taster (shown in photo below). Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when the launch goes live and you’ll receive a 10% discount when you join too!

Serenitea tea tin
My best selling tea of 2020

Breathe – Be Present – Recharge

Wow! When I decided on the above as the mantra and theme for my teas, I never imagined how poignant those three words would turn out to be just over a year later. 
2020 was such a strange and stressful year, from not being able to leave the house to discovering very quickly there was a reason why I decided not to be a school teacher! Haha! Though kudos to the teachers out there who manage to educate our kids week in week out, I couldn’t get my youngest to engage no matter how I tried to ‘pretty up’ the subjects! So instead we turned to building dens and going for herb walks instead 🙂 I’m proud to say that now both my girls recognise elderflowers and elderberries and when the best time is to harvest them – then literally enjoying the fruits of their labour as we also tucked in to wild blackberries growing locally too.
There was the best harvest in 2020 I’d ever seen here and the berries were so sweet too!
Must have been all the sunshine we got in the first three months here.

No matter where in the world you are, whether your life is a little more normal or you’re back in lockdown again like we are here in the UK, I hope that you are well and taking time for your own self care too.  

On that note, pop the kettle on – it’s time for a cuppa! 💖🫖💖

Scrumptious loose leaf organic herbal teas – perfect to sip on when you take a moment for yourself to breathe, be present and recharge your energy. 

No flavourings are added, only 100% natural herbs are used and all the teas are hand blended in Cornwall by our herbalist Kate.  We try to keep the herbs as whole as possible in the tea blends, to greatly reduce the ‘herbal dust’ that is so often found in herbal tea bags. 

We don’t offer a tea bag option because we know that herbs release their flavour easily when allowed to infuse freely when not restricted by a teabag, plus you can always get at least two infusions from one spoonful of loose leaf herbal tea blend when added straight to the pot or mug infuser.  Plus – it’s better for the environment when no bags are used as the herbs can be added straight to the compost and biodegrade much faster.

Visit our tea shop to purchase our tea tins and accessories, browse our blog to learn more about the herbs we love to use and why, or sign up to our monthly subscription boxes to be the first to sample our new tea blends!